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Applying the Teachings of W. Deen Mohammed Book 1

Applying the Teachings of W. Deen Mohammed Book 1

  • This book is a compilation of essays written about topics in Al-Islam from the perspective of the language and logic of Imam W. Deen Mohammed. Topics Include: New Africa: Can You See It? - Social Resurrection: Abraham & the Four Birds - Ramadhan and the Path to Enlightenment - Rise of the New Convert to Al-Islam - Chess Master of the Muslim World? - Showered with Wisdom, What Will We Do? Learn about the ideas in Al-Islam from the perspective of a modern, free, independent thinker, Imam W. Deen Mohammed.


    Imam Mohammed declared the writings of Dr. Mubaashir Uqdah as required readings for his students. If you an open-minded, curious seeker of knowledge, you will appreciate all of the books in this series.

  • New Africa - Can You See It?

    • We must grasp the vision of New Africa
    • Slavery prepared us for the mission
    • Put the human back inside the person
    • What New Africa builders need to know

    Social Resurrection - Abraham and the Four Birds

    • What is a bird in scripture?
    • Birds, the air, and the breath of life
    • Why four birds?
    • Abraham learns to resurrect society
    • How did Abraham train the four birds?
    • What are the four mountains?
    • How does Abraham call the birds?
    • How do we cause a social resurrection?

    Ramadhan and the Path to Enlightenment

    • The likeness of Ramadhan
    • Ramadhan deconstructs and reconstructs
    • Ramadhan is a sharp blade
    • What is the Night of Power?
    • Immaculate conception and resurrection
    • Patterns of the fast

    The Rise of the New Convert to Al-Islam

    • Convert or Revert?
    • Al-Islam is a state of upwards transformation
    • The new convert’s path parallels a new birth
    • The ummah is the mother
    • How does the new convert rise?
    • The meaning of milk
    • The breasts and the chest
    • The role of new converts in their own rise
    • The miracle of Moses

    Chess Mastery of the Muslim World?

    • Pay attention - there is a war going on!
    • Checkmate and the King (leadership)
    • Democratic, imperialist hypocrisy
    • The Queen represents society
    • The Pawn has power
    • The Castle/Rook is a fortress
    • The Rook is a swindler
    • Democracy as a weapon of mass destruction
    • The Bishop represents spiritual power
    • Imam Mohammed knows the mathematics
    • The Knights are the fighters
    • Imam Mohammed is a grandmaster
    • The opening, the middle, and the end game
    • Our brilliant opening game moves
    • What happened to our middle game moves?
    • The middle game is about tactics
    • The marriage of the King and the Queen
    • Chess tactics and our tactics
    • Our end game moves
    • The concept of development
    • The CRAID movement was a successful tactic
    • CPC could have been a powerful tactic
    • A cultural war, but we have no tactics
    • Get an advantage in the Center
    • Get an advantage in Space
    • Get an advantage in Time
    • Get an advantage in Material
    • Do not be captured and put in a box
    • The meaning of the chess board

    Showered with Wisdom - What will we do?

    • Allah rains on all, yet different results
    • Focus on what is important
    • Collective effort is our tradition
    • Focus on being business-minded
    • We watched him, while he watched us

    National Imams Meeting - Louisville Kentucky

    • The inflammatory report
    • Am’ruhum Shura Baynahum
    • Anyone can conduct shura
    • Imam Yahya Abdullah’s testimony
    • AMM resignation statements - 1985
    • We must be analysts and thinkers
    • Why did the Imam resign?
    • Story of the child who has grown up
    • The intellectual orientation of Abraham
    • Why did he build it up and tear it down?
    • A theory of our decentralization
    • Has our destiny changed?
    • ASM resignation comments - 2003
    • Individual freedom and community building
    • Imam Mohammed on Shura Baynahum
    • Keep historical context in mind
    • What’s next?
    • Let's ask ourselves a few questions
    • The meaning of autonomy
    • Whatever we do, know why we are doing it
    • Whose answer counts?
    • Facilitate true dialog amongst the ummah
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