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Applying the Teachings of W. Deen Mohammed Book 5

Applying the Teachings of W. Deen Mohammed Book 5

  • I am happy to present Book 5 of the series, "Applying the Teachings of Imam W. Deen Mohammed." The teachings of Imam Mohammed is comprised of two major components; his language and his logic.
    By his language, we mean his definitions and explanations of various religious and social terms and concepts. By his logic, we mean his reasoning, inferences, deductions, extrapolations and conclusions about religious and social ideas and practices that he derived.
    The essays in this book utilize both his language and his logic to help explain some of the teachings of Imam Mohammed and to help elucidate some of the lessons, applications and implications.
    The essays of the Applying the Teachings series are not mere regurgitations of the words of Imam Mohammed, but rather are expounders, clarifiers, evidences, arguments and proofs for the veracity of the Qur'anic insights of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.  
    It is my earnest hope that you find as much benefit in this book as many readers have found in the

    • Autonomy & Unity Strengthen The Individual and the Community
    • To Each is a Direction Towards Which We Turn You
    • The Benefits of Autonomy
    • Does Autonomy Forbid Unity?
    • Wherever You Are, Allah Will Bring You Together
    • How Does HE Bring Us Together?
    • The Benefits of Unity
    • The Angels of Autonomy and Unity
    • The Story of Cain and Abel
    • Cain and Abel are Metaphors
    • Why Did Allah Accept Abel's Offer and Reject Cain's?
    • The Power of the Human Sciences
    • The Parable of Allah's Light
    • Allah is the Light of the Heavens and the Earth
    • The Commentary of Ibn Kathir
    • The Commentary Upon W. Deen Mohammed
    • What is the Logic? What are the Proofs?
    • Understanding the Olive Tree
    • What is the Meaning of Light Upon Light?
    • Prophet Muhammad: Did You Know He Spoke in Parables?
    • The Report of the Talking Baby
    • The Report of the Walking Towns
    • The Report of the Talking Cow and Wolf
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