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Applying the Teachings of W. Deen Mohammed Book 4

Applying the Teachings of W. Deen Mohammed Book 4

  • This is the fourth book in the series, “Applying the Teachings of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.” It is a continuing compilation of essays written for the community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed and published in the Muslim Journal.

    In this book, you will find a set of topics discussed that I hope you will find intellectually stimulating, whether you agree with the ideas promulgated or not. My goal is to explore, clarify, and fill in the blanks on topics that have been addressed or alluded to by a profound religious teacher and the leader of the community that I associate myself with.

    The book contains four essays that address four important topics in great detail. An essay on Noah's Ark as metaphorical rather than an actual event. A second essay is about the idea of New Africa and the ex-slaves as a new people on earth. The third essay discusses the Qadr of Allah: Predestination vs. Free Will. The last essay discusses analytical thinking and its value.


    • Noah's Ark and the Flood of Decadence
    • Words Make People
    • Flood = Extreme Morality and Sensitivities
    • Noah’s Ark is Not a Physical Boat
    • G-d can do Anything, but He Doesn’t
    • Is Religion Rational or Superstitious?
    • Shaytan is Also an Ark Builder
    • Ful’ka Means Ship and Orbit
    • The Materials of Noah’s Ark
    • The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow
    • Meaning of the Animals on the Ark
    • Noah’s Ark and the Circumcision of the Mind
    • Shaytan’s Ark
    • New Africa: The Next Evolution
    • Humanity was Born in Africa
    • We are Humans First
    • We Have Been Great Builders
    • We Fell From Heaven
    • The Worst Holocaust Ever
    • The Greatest Crime of All
    • We Were Reduced to Dust
    • G-d Made the First Man From Dust…
    • A New Man from the Dust of Slavery
    • We Have a Covenant with G-d, We Are Rising
    • We Are a New People on the Earth
    • We Have a Mission and a Purpose
    • New African...Embrace Your Creation!
    • We Can Remake the World!
    • The Qadr of Allah-Predestination vs Free Will
    • Companions Asked About the Contradiction
    • Allah Chooses Whether You are Good or Bad
    • But, Qur’an Speaks of Free Will
    • The Five Pillars of Qadar
    • Lailatul Qadr - The Night of Power
    • Qadr of Allah or Qadr of Created Things
    • Analytical Thinking-Follow the Logic
    • Analytical Thinking vs Critical Thinking
    • Propaganda and Persuasion Techniques
    • The Analytical Mind of Abraham
    • Repeated Acts Lead to Your Destiny
    • What is this Repetition Thing?
    • Reverse Engineer the Logic
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