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Forty Metaphorical Hadith

Although hadith collections are full of reports of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) using examples and metaphors to teach a lesson to his people, we rarely hear about this aspect of his sunnah, his character, his uswah; that is, his model or pattern of conduct.


We should not be surprised to learn that he used metaphors, parables, and stories to teach the people. If Allah, the Guardian, Evolver, Cherisher, and Sustainer of all systems of knowledge (Al-Rabbu Al-Alameen), uses examples, stories, metaphors, similitudes, allegories, and signs to educate the human being,[3] it should not be a surprise that the Messenger of Allah would also use such methods of communication.


Members of the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed (CIWDM) should understand that our approach to Al-Islam, that is, our following the language, logic, and interpretations of Imam Mohammed, are in alignment with the pattern of our prophets, prayers and peace be upon them all.


The forty metaphorical hadith featured in this short book are but a sample of many reports that could be shared with you as proofs that our prophet used examples, metaphors, similitudes as methods of education and dawah.

Forty Metaphorical Hadith

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