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This Blog - My Random Thoughts

As Salaamu Alaykum!

This is my first post and I am going to use it to explain the purpose of this "My Thoughts" page. I am going to use this page as a sort of open diary; a place to record my thoughts or activities for the day. Some days will be exciting and other days boring. Some days, I may not write anything at all. Here you may find some of my personal thoughts. I won't tell you any of my secrets, but you might find out some things of interest. Nevertheless, this space is probably more for me than for you.

It is 12:56 AM right now. I should be asleep and resting for tomorrow. But, here I am, trying to update my website. Actually, I am creating a new website and hopefully improved website for Uqdah Enterprises LLC. I am trying to get it built ASAP for a number of reasons, which I may explain later this week. I am almost there and ready to switch to the new website.

Signing off.

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